Herbie the Musical Skinstrument - Your Skin Is For The Win! Play Awesome Music Games With This Amazing Sound Making Device!

Herbie the Musical Skinstrument™ is here to bring a whole new meaning to "Feeling the music." Imagine being able to play a symphony on your best friends tummy! Imagine tickling someone to the kookiest tunes! Imagine having the music thumping to your dance, and not the other way around! It's amazing fun to play with Herbie the Musical Skinstrument! Everybody can join the amazing games that only Herbie the Musical Skinstrument can make possible, and believe us when we say that the fun will get under your skin! To use Herbie the Musical Skinstrument, all you have to do is touch Herbie with one hand, and touch somebody else with you other hand! Who knows what sounds and songs you will make when you team up with not just one, but even two or three other people to play tunes and have a blast with Herbie the Musical Skinstrument? What songs will you play when you pick up your very own Herbie the Musical Skinstrument? Will you make a marching song for you and your buddies? Will it be a lullaby fit for a fairy princess? Will you make a rousing revel song for everyone to dance to? It will all be found out when you let your skin and Herbie the Musical Skinstrument do the talking! Get your very own Herbie the Musical Skinstrument today.

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