HeyMomDad - This Product Can Help Ensure Your Senior Parents' Safety Even if they Are Living Independently

As individuals get older and reach their senior years, they may require a lot more attention and support with a nursing home being the solution for a lot of families. If the cost of a nursing home is too steep and you are looking for an alternative that will allow senior family member to live independently yet still stay safe then HeyMomDad™ is the product for you. As seen on www.heymomdad.com, the Hey Mom Dad features a proprietary transmitting hub, high definition camera and instant alert pagers in its system. The HeyMomDad camera can give you a visual idea as to what your senior parent is doing. Simply press a button on the system's smart phone app and you should be able to view your parent through the camera and speak to them at any time of the day. Also, the HeyMomDad's Instant Alert Pager can connect your parents to you and other family members, to 911 or to both in case of an emergency. With the Hey Mom Dad, you can allow your senior parents to live an individual life yet at the same time ensure that they stay as secure and safe as possible, without the hefty nursing home bills.

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