HideAway Pets - Cute Stuffed Animals That You Can Curl Up

Does your child love to play and go to sleep with stuffed animals, but you want to give him or her a stuffed animal that is unique yet is still extremely cute as well? HideAway Pets™ are the stuffed animals that you are looking for. When you first get to see them, HideAway Pets just look like any other stuffed animal you find in the market. They are very cute and extremely soft and plush, making them very comfortable to cuddle with. They also come in numerous different designs including Siberian Husky, Persian Kitten, African Lion designs and many others, so your child will surely find one that he or she really likes. What sets Hide Away Pets apart from other stuffed animals however is that you can curl them up into a stuffed animal that looks like a ball with a tail. You can curl HideAway Pets during bedtime to help reinforce the need to sleep for your child, which should reduce bed time hassles. Your child can also play with the curled Hide Away Pets as a ball, and have fun throwing it around or rolling it on the bed or carpet. When curled, HideAway Pets are also more compact, which should make it very easy for you to bring them along wherever you or your child will travel to.

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