Hoodeez - Your Child Will Really Love this Pillow that Can Be Transformed to a Hoodie

It is no secret that children love to stay comfortably warm and cuddle so if you are looking for a product that your child will have a great time cuddling with and at the same time will help keep your child warm then Hoodeez is the product that you should get. Out of the box, Hoodeez™ comes in their pillow form with cute designs which include a dinosaur, kitty, penguin, puppy and more. Combined with the nice mix of colors that the Hoodeez have and these are products that your child will definitely love and appreciate and that they will definitely want to cuddle with Hoodeez when they take a nap or sleep. When it gets chilly however, all your child need to do is to open up a flow on the Hoodeez, pull the rest of the fabrics out of the flap and the Hoodeez pillow now transforms into a great looking hoodie. With this feature, your child will be able to use Hoodeez indoors or outdoors and will definitely help to keep your child staying comfortable and warm. Hoodeez are also made out of really soft yet at the same time durable fabric so these products are very easy to clean, maintain and can be used over and over again by your child.

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