Hoover Max Extract - Heat Pressure in this Carpet Cleaner Will Clean Like A Pro While Saving Time and Money

Isn't it so difficult to clean up the carpets in your home? Professional cleaning is expensive, not to mention the complications of bringing other people into your home. Working on it on your hands and knees does work, but that takes forever if you want to do it right. So how do you save on time and money, while still protecting your carpet, which is one of the most important investments you have in your home? You get the Hoover Max Extract™, that's how. As seen on www.trymaxextract.com and www.getmaxextract.com, the Hoover Max Extract is a revolutionary new cleaning device that lets you give your carpet a professional clean without having to hire anyone or spend hours on your hands and knees. It does this by using a multistep cleaning process. First cleaning agent is injected into your carpet to soften the dirt and grime built up inside it. Then multi-angle brushes dislodge deep set dirt brushing all sides of your carpet, ensuring nothing stays stuck. Then, it vacuums up all the now freed dirt, leaving your carpet clean. Going a step further, the Hoover Max Extract rinses your carpet, minimizing the amount of cleaning agent left in your carpet. It even applies heat pressure to your carpet after that, to lessen drying time, making sure you will be back in your home before you know it. Start cleaning your carpet like a pro with the Hoover Max Extract.

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