Hoover WindTunnel Air - The Bagless Upright Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaner That Defies Dirt and Grime at Every Turn

The time, money and care you have invested in your home demands that you bring the best and most effective cleaning tools when defending it from dirt and grime. One such tool is the Hoover WindTunnel Air™, a bagless, upright, cyclonic, vacuum cleaner that brings unmatched cleaning power. With its patented 3-channel wind tunnel technology, the Hoover WindTunnel Air has the ultimate in suction power. That means all that deep seated dirt in your home will soon be gone. It's so powerful that almost all forms of dirt and grime will be taken up by the Hoover WindTunnel Air in just the first pass. As seen on www.trywindtunnelair.com, it stays powerful with its no loss of suction technology that is able to power it into lifting up to 120 pounds of weight, more than enough juice to suck up any dirt. With its one touch brush roll that agitates dirt to the surface, there's really no chance for dirt to stay in your home. To ensure that none of the harmful pollutants such as allergens and pet dander return to your home, it is equipped with a hepa filter that refreshes the air it uses, making your home's atmosphere cleaner in the process. Reviews also laud the simplicity of disposal with the Hoover WindTunnel Air, because its bagless design allows you to drop the dirt into your waste bin at the press of a button. Don't waste your time and money on inferior products.

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