Hot Buns - Review the Hair Accessory that Makes It Easy to Create a Perfect Bun or Bouncy Curls

Buns are a hot hair style right now. They are great when you want a classic look for everyday or an elegant style for a night out. Curls are always popular as well. Hot Buns™ is the hair accessory that both makes it easy to put your hair in a bun and gives you fabulous curls without the hassle of a curling iron. Here is how it works: Just roll your hair around Hot Buns, snap the ends together, and wrap it with the style band that will keep your bun in place. The shaft inside this hair accessory is a patent pending special design that was created to grip your hair, making it easy to roll. As seen on the TV commercial and infomercial, Hot Buns are comfortable, lightweight, and allow for air flow. This means you can easily sleep with it on and then wake up the next morning with bouncy curls. Hot Buns comes with a style guide that shows you how to use it to come up with multiple glamorous hairdos. Reviews say Hot Buns are the easy and quick way to prevent flat and saggy hair buns. The Hot Buns hair accessories come in three sizes: Mini for short hair, small buns, and sassy curls, Medium for a classic bun and bouncy curls; Hollywood for full sized buns.

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