Hover Ball - Reviews Say This is the Only Ball You and Your Children Can Safely Play with Indoors

Children love to play with balls and kick them around the house, but his can cause quite a mess as the ball can actually scratch furniture and other surfaces in the home, or can even cause fragile items to fall and break. Not with the Hover Ball™. It is a specially designed, innovative ball that you and your children can kick around indoors without fear of scratching, breaking or making a mess of the insides of the home. Upon first glance, it may look like have of a ball and will not roll at all, but thanks to the Super Slider Technology, the HoverBall can actually slide through any surface, even carpets, for maximum rolling action. And with the Hover Ball's super soft exterior, you are guaranteed that the Hover Ball will not scratch or damage furniture or surfaces in your home. A lot of families have given reviews stating their love for the Hover Ball. Not only is it a fun tool for the whole family to play with indoors without causing any damage, it can also help improve footwork as well, which is definitely a useful skill for sports and many other applications. With the Hover Ball, you and your family will definitely have a great time playing with a ball, indoors!

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