Hover Cover Splatter Guard - Easily Heat or Cook Delicious Meals in Your Microwave with this Product

The microwave allows for fast heating or cooking of food but the problem is that food can splatter while inside the microwave due to how effective the appliance is for heating food. If you are looking for a product will prevent this splatter from causing a mess inside your microwave, then the Hover Cover Splatter Guard™ is the product for you to get. As seen on www.buyhovercover.com, the HoverCover is specially designed to cover food that you place inside the microwave to heat up or cook. The product features polymer magnets that are microwave safe and are placed on top of the Hover Cover. This allows users to simply stick the Hover Cover onto the microwave's ceiling so when you need to use the product, simply pull down on the Hover Cover in order for it to effectively cover the food that you are heating, preventing it from splattering. Once you are done using the microwave, simply lift the Hover Cover up and stick it on the top portion of the microwave. This ensures that the product is readily accessible when you need to use it and that you will not lose the lid easily. With these features, the Hover Cover is one upgrade that you will definitely want to add onto your microwave.

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