Hushies - Best Dog Toys for Your Beloved Pets Produce Soundless, Ultrasonic Waves that will Catch their Attention

Is your beloved pet dog so hyperactive that he or she always bites on clothes and furniture, grabs whatever food they can or chases anything that moves around the house so that they always make a mess of their surroundings? Keep them well-behaved and preoccupied by using Hushies™! Upon first glance, they look like cute stuffed animals, the likes that children will love to play with, but it is not as flimsy as the toys for kids are. Hushies are made with durability in mind and feature a quad-stitch design that make them resistant to play, wear and tear that your pet might inflict on them. But what sets Hushies apart from other squeaky toys for your pet is in the sound that they produce. While traditional squeaky toys make an annoying sound to attract your pet, Hushies creates an ultrasonic sound that is audible only to your pet, because the sound Hushies produce is way beyond a human ear's capacity to detect. This allows you to get your pet's attention and make it behave without annoying yourself in the process. So if you really love your pet, getting it a Hushies is one of the best gifts you can give to him or her.

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