Ice Cream Magic - At Home Ice Cream Maker Lets You Shake Your Way to a Treat in Just 3 Minutes!

Almost everyone loves ice cream! It is a favorite frozen treat for kids and adults alike. Now you can enjoy your own homemade recipes anytime with Ice Cream Magic™, which makes delicious ice cream at home in just 3 minutes! Here's how it works: Add cream and your favorite flavoring, then put in ice cubes and salt to trigger the freezing process, then shake vigorously for three minutes. You will then have your own frozen ice cream treat. The attractive Ice Cream Magic container looks like a cone and it not only makes the dessert, it can be used as an easy-to-carry server that keeps the ice cream nice and cold. Using the product helps you to save money by making your own at home instead of having to buy cartons at the grocery store. Because you control what ingredients go into Ice Cream Magic, it also ensures that you can create low fat or low sugar ice cream, making dessert and snack time healthier for your entire family. Ice Cream Magic is a lot more fun and a lot easier than other ice cream machines, which can be large and difficult to use. Not to mention that those old fashion ice cream makers are usually quite expensive. You and your kids will have tons of fun as you shake, shake, shake your way to a cold tasty treat. Buy Ice Cream Magic and you will also receive an ice cream recipe book and a serving spoon.

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