ilumi - Reviews say These Are The Smartest Light Bulbs You Can Get Today

Smart devices are all the rage nowadays as they are convenient to use and are able to provide users a lot of extra functionality. The "smart" moniker also extends to light bulbs with the ilumi™. These smart light bulbs will definitely change the way you look at and use light bulbs in your home. As seen on, what sets these light bulbs apart from other bulbs in the market today is that these can actually be controlled via Bluetooth with an Android or iOS app. Not only can you wirelessly control your lights and turn them on or off through the application but you will also be able to control brightness levels as well as pick light colors or effects that the ilumi can produce. Also, what's great about the ilumi is that it can be used as a bright and reliable conventional light bulb if you want to use the product without its wireless features. Reviews also really love that the ilumi is long lasting and is energy efficient as well, making it ideal for use as home lights and will not eat up a lot of energy even if you keep them on for many hours a day. With the versatility and functionality that the ilumi can give you in terms of lighting control, color and effects, these lights will most certainly make great additions to any home.

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