Inch Worm Slider - Reviews Say this Compact, Easy to Use Machine Will Help Give You a Total Workout

When you think about exercise machines, probably the ones that come into your mind are the big and bulky machines that you find at the gym. If you are looking for an exercise tool that is effective at giving you a fully body workout without having to be bulky like the ones at the gym, then the Inch Worm Slider™ is the product for you. As seen on, the design of the InchWormSlider is very simple yet at the same time very innovative. It is a small platform with grips on each side and features wheels at the bottom that sport steel ball bearings for a smooth sliding motion. The basic exercise that you get with the Inch Worm Slider is a very effective core exercise that will engage your core muscles better than other forms of exercise that you can do today. Also, what's great about the Inch Worm Slider is that it features a free sliding motion range so you can easily switch the directions of the slider to hit different muscles and areas in your body. Reviews also love that the Inch Worm Slider can be used to exercise the arms and legs along with the core so you are guaranteed to have a total body workout from this compact, easy to use and easy to store exercise tool, making it perfect for home use.

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