Inject N Clean - Reviews Say This Product Allows for Very Effective Cleaning of the Area Under the Carpet

Having a carpet on the floors in your house adds a premium as well as a very comfortable feel to your home, but should your pet leave a mess or should spills happen, not only is the top portion of the carpet very difficult to clean, the bottom pad of the carpet is even more tough to get rid of odours and contaminants. If you are looking for a product that will allow you to also thoroughly clean the underside of your carpet then the Inject N Clean™ is the product for you. To use, simply insert the Inject N Clean nozzle through the carpet and then lift it in order to raise the stained surface layer of the carpet. Then you simply add deodorizer onto the bulb part of the InjectNClean, squeeze and you should be done. Reviews love that with the Inject N Clean, it is very easy to deodorize and sanitize the lower layers of the carpet, ensuring that your carpet no only looks fresh after cleaning and scrubbing the top layer; it will also smell fresh as well, as the bottom layers are also sanitized and deodorized. This product is definitely a must have for homes that have heavy carpeting on its floors.

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