Insta Egg - Easily Prepare Eggs in a Variety of Ways in Your Microwave Oven with this Product

Eggs are a frequent part of a lot of meals because not only can they taste great but eggs can also be healthy to eat. Eggs can also be quite difficult to cook perfectly and can be messy at times so if you are looking for a product that will allow you to prepare eggs the easy way and get it right each and every time then Insta Egg™ is the product for you. As seen on, if you want hard boiled eggs then simply fill the InstaEgg with water, place the eggs inside, pop on the lid, microwave for a few minutes and you should have perfect and evenly cooked hardboiled thanks to the Insta Egg allowing the heat to circulate around the eggs for even cooking. For scrambled eggs, simply pour the contents of the egg inside the Insta Egg, close the lid and then microwave for soft and fluffy scrambled eggs. Insta Egg can also be used to poach eggs, perfectly steam vegetables and even cook rice, making the Insta Egg great not only for egg preparation but also for a wide variety of other cooking functions. It can also help make egg-based dishes a lot healthier as you will not need to use butter or oil when cooking eggs.

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