Insta Grip - Versatile, Reusable Alternative to Tape, Glue, and Nails that Hangs and Holds on Nearly Any Surface

Make all kinds of things hang, hold, and stay with the amazingly versatile Insta Grip™. This product is alternative to the nails, thumbtacks, push pins, and screws that can damage your walls. This is a better solution than glues, tapes and adhesives that leave behind sticky residue that is hard to remove. Use Insta Grip on the floor so that rugs and carpets won't slip and will not have unsightly curled corners. Use it on walls to hang up picture, papers, photos, or paint and fabric swatches. Use InstaGrip on furniture to secure vases, lamps, figurines, and collectibles in place and prevent them from being accidently knocked over. You can even use it on a refrigerator or other metal surface instead of magnets to display your child's artwork. It is also ideal for anyone who does scrapbooking or creates photo albums. The secret to Insta Grip is its FlexGrip technology which grips any surface for a tight hold. Just peel, place, and secure. It removes easily and is repositionable, which means you can use a piece of InstaGrip over and over again. Decorate banisters, railings, and windows in a snap. Use it to add secure grips to tool or sporting equipment. You can even get Insta Grip to keep your cell phone from sliding off your car's dashboard. Once you try Insta Grip you will never go back to the holes, scratches, and mess left by glue, tape, and nails.

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