InstaBrites - The Stick Anywhere Automatic Light that Brightens Tight Spaces Closets, Cabinets and Many More

Do you hate it when you need to find an important item in your closet, drawers or other tight spaces in your house but do not have enough light to make the search easy? You can use a flashlight but it will make the search a lot more inconvenient, so why not install InstaBrites™ instead? InstaBrites are portable automatic lights that you can stick almost anywhere. What makes these lights great however is that they feature a magnet switch. To install, just stick the magnetic switch and Insta Brites in such a way that when you open the door or drawer, the magnet separates from the InstaBrite. The next time you open the closet door or cabinet, Insta Brite automatically turns on to give you much needed extra illumination. A great thing about InstaBrites is that you are not limited only too wooden doors and cabinets but you can also stick them inside plastic storage containers, your child's toy chest, the underside of your car seat and many more. InstaBrites are also battery operated, so they do not need to be plugged in or have an external power source, making them convenient and versatile sources of light that you can stick to many containers and surfaces and be used for a wide variety of lighting needs.

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