InstaGONE Pro - The Multi-Purpose Dirt Removal and Stain Remover Spray

Do you have furniture, decorative items or certain parts of the house that you have not cleaned in a long time? It may be full of dirt and stains which can get quite difficult to clean, but not so with the InstaGONE Pro™. It is the amazing multipurpose stain remover that will make cleaning a cinch. The InstaGONE Pro is not a liquid cleaning solution that you mix with water. Instead it comes with its own bottle and sprayer, which allows you to easily mist the product onto the stains that you want to clean. Upon contact, InstaGONE Pro's strong cleaning formula deeply penetrates the dirt and stain, disintegrating it from deep down the surface of what you are cleaning. This makes stains very easy to remove, and even the toughest stains only wipe away after being sprayed with this solution. Another great thing about this product is that it works on a wide range of surfaces including plastic, wood, metal, grout, tiles and many more without harming the surface or causing damage like discoloration or peeling. InstaGONE Pro is so effective it will change the way you think about stain and dirt removal, and can bring your old, dirty and stained items into looking like brand new again.

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