InstaLamp - Reviews Say this is the Most Versatile Light source You Can Get Today

Does your house have a number of dark spots that you will want to illuminate? Instead of spending a lot of time and money installing new wires and bulbs, you will want to use InstaLamp™ instead. This is the portable lamp that will make illuminating different parts of your home very easy to do. Conventional lamps and light sources require that you put lamp mounting points or plug them into an electric plug in order for them to work, which will surely consume a lot of time and will somehow require that you rework different parts of your home. With the InstaLamp however, this is not needed as it is a battery powered, LED lamp that you can use virtually anywhere. The Insta Lamp has an adhesive stem that will allow you to easily hang it wherever you wish to in your home. It also has a stand which will allow you to use your lamp on your dining room table or bedside table as a night light. Reviews love the fact that the InstaLamp is not only a versatile light source for your home, but should the power go out, you can also use the InstaLamp as a flash light by just simply removing the cover.

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