Instant Fisherman - The Portable Fishing Rod That You Can Take Anywhere So You Can Fish Anytime

For everyone who likes fishing, there are always those moments when you say "I wish I had my fishing kit with me." It is just an unfortunate truth that a lot of fishing gear will take up space in your car, and you can't afford to have it with you all the time. With the Instant Fisherman™, you can say goodbye to those moments. The Instant Fisherman by the Family Fishing Company is the compact fishing rod that collapses to less than one foot and expands to almost six feet in seconds. It is the perfect companion for any avid fisher, and it is so portable, you will find yourself bringing it everywhere. No other portable rod is as well built as the Instant Fisherman. Special hinges lock into place whether collapsed or expanded. It has an improved 4-is-to-1 gear and a sensitive tip so you can outsmart any fish. And its foldable crank handle makes sure you can store it anywhere. Your instant fisherman is so compact you can keep it in your tackle box, car glove compartment, suitcase, golf bag, backpack or even the specially made Instant Fisherman Tackle Belt, which is also available. As seen on TV, the Instant Fisherman fits perfectly in the Tackle Belt that transforms into a compact bag to store all your gear in when you are done fishing. Reviews agree that Instant Fisherman is the ultimate combo.

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