Invizabreeze - Enhance the Cooling Capabilities of Your House's Ceiling Fans

When the sun is high up and the inside of your house is quite hot for comfort then it is your ceiling fan that you most likely turn on first in order to cool areas in your home that are within the vicinity of the fan. If you find that your ceiling fan is not able to provide you the cooling that you need then you will want to consider adding Invizabreeze™ to your ceiling fan's blades. All you need to do is to secure the Inviza breeze onto the top portion of your ceiling fan's blades using the attached adhesive. On their own; your ceiling fan's blades push air in a very scattered manner which means airflow can be quite slow and ineffective and will still make you feel hot and uncomfortable even with your ceiling fan turned on.. As seen on, with Invizabreeze attached on your fan's blades however; the air circulation that your ceiling fan's blades can produce goes up by up to 300%, which means more air to cool you and everything underneath your ceiling fan. Also, Invizabreeze not only adds more airflow; the airflow is also concentrated in a much-wider area, which allows your ceiling fan to provide more efficient and effective cooling.

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