iScope - Advanced Technologies from Bell and Howell Now Include This Extendable Magnetic Flexible Flashlight

Every home could use an iScope™ - the extendable magnetic flexible flashlight by Bell & Howell. The iScope is revolutionary in its simplicity and power. Think about all the times you dropped a screw, staple wire, bolt or nut. Were you working outside in the dark? Did it roll under the couch or the table? Did it get into a hard to reach or see place that you could not reach into? If you had an iScope then, I would not have been a problem at all. The iScope's extendable magnetic head would have simply snaked into the nook or cranny where the dropped item was hiding, and its powerful magnet would have picked up the elusive tidbit, allowing you to resume your work. Now think about all those times you were working on something, and needed someone to hold the flashlight for you. Did you try holding the flashlight in your mouth? Did you try setting it on top of something in the hopes that it would light your work area? If you had an iScope then, all you would have had to do is attach it to any nearby metallic surface, like the hood of your car, and the powerful rear magnet would have held it in place for you, illuminating your work area with powerful LED lights and allowing you the full freedom to work with your hands. Sounds great right? Get yourself an iScope for your home today!

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