iSeeit - If You Are Having Trouble Seeing the Functions of Your TV's Remote Control Then This is the Product for You

Watching a TV movie with your wide screen television in a dark room can be a truly enjoyable experience, but when you need to make certain adjustments to your TV or change the channel, the fact that you cannot see the different functions of your remote control can actually ruin the whole viewing experience. If you do not want to encounter these situations ever again then the iSeeit™ is a great add-on to your remote control that you will surely love. The iSeeit provides illumination to your remote control, allowing you to easily see the different button functions without having to turn the lights on. To use, simply peel the backing off of the iSeeit's adhesive and stick it to the back of your remote. When you need to see the functions of your remote's buttons, simply unfold the device, then press a switch and you should now have a light just enough to see your remote's functions, when you are done with the remote, simply switch the I See it off and fold it back to its original position. With the iSeeit, you will be able to identify your remote's functions and use it properly without having to ruin your viewing experience. Also, the iSeeit can be used on other types of remotes not just limited to your TV remote, making it quite a versatile product.

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