ISO7X - Reviews Say at Less Than 10 Minutes a Day Expand and Strengthen Your Chest, Back, Shoulders and Arms

Now comes the ISO7X™. This exercise equipment uses the power of isometrics to expand and strengthen the chest, back, shoulders and arms. Isometrics is used through the ISO7X, and this is the best way for muscle growth to be stimulated. By watching its infomercial, you can see a demonstration of just how the ISO7X can be used properly. Just by using a static contraction, and doing this with a concentrated range of motion, all strength and effort is focused on targeted muscles, isolating them and focusing upon their activation with of the force of resistance. By holding the contraction down for as little as 7 seconds, the ISO7X builds strength, power and lean muscle. Even better, this is done with no reps and with no strain on the joints. Isometrics has been proven to be very effective, reviews say, in building muscles and strengthening the body in the fastest way possible. And with the calibrated strength meter that is part of the ISO7X you can track your progress daily. At less than 10 minutes per day, all these benefits become possible. Reviews of the ISO7X have been quite good, and you can get bonuses and free gifts if you order this while watching its infomercial.

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