J-Animals - Wearable Stuffed Animals that Your Child will Love to Play With

Does your child love to play with stuffed animals but you are tired of giving the same kind of stuffed animals to your child and you want to give a stuffed animal that has something unique to offer? Check out J-Animals™; your child will surely love them. With regular stuffed animals, your child can only hug, cuddle and play with them just like regular toys. With J-Animals however, not only can your child play with them like regular animals, but they can also be worn as well. All you need to do is pull down on the bottom part of the J-Animals and out comes a full animal suit that your child can wear. It comes in many different sizes, so not only can your little child use them, but other members of the family can as well. Your child can use J-Animals not only as a stuffed animal to hug or cuddle with, but can also be used as an extra layer of clothing to keep your child warm on those cool nights. Or the whole family can choose to where matching J-Animal suits for kiddie parties, Halloween and many other occasions. J-Animals offer a unique twist to the classic stuffed animals that your child not only loves to play with but wear as well.

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