Jack Rack - Get 150 Different Fitness Workouts from One Piece of Exercise Equipment. From Chuck Lidell.

Would you like achieve a higher level of fitness? Would you like six-pack abs or toned legs? Maybe you just want to be healthier? Then the Jack Rack™ is the fitness tool you need. The Jack Rack is a revolutionary fitness system that can provide 150 different workouts to target every conceivable muscle group in your body. It does this by being able to transform into more than 80 different configurations to suit your workout needs, whether it be fat burning or muscle building. Workouts inspired by The Iceman, Chuck Lidell, legendary MMA fighter, enable you to achieve that perfectly sculpted body that you deserve by using this one of a kind piece of exercise equipment. For whatever fitness level you want to achieve, regardless of what fitness level you are currently at, the Jack Rack is the first and last piece of exercise equipment you will need. Using your own bodyweight as resistance, the jack rack can configure to your level of fitness, ma king it ideal to beginners and advanced users alike. And because it uses your bodyweight, your risk of injury is reduced. And as if Chuck Lidell's satisfied review isn't enough, you can rest easy knowing that the Jack Rack works for professional athletes and regular fitness enthusiasts alike as proven by various testimonials. So get the Jack Rack today and start your way to a sculpted body.

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