Jacket Pack It Pets - The Stuffed Animals that Can Provide Protection and Warmth to Your Child

If your child loves stuffed animals and you buy your child one every now and then, then the Jacket Pack It Pets™ is one stuffed animal that you will want to buy. As with most stuffed animals, Jacket Pack It Pets feature cute and colorful designs that will make your child love them at first sight. There are 6 available animal designs as well as 2 sizes, allowing you to easily select a Jacket Pack It Pets that really fits your child's preferences and body type. What really sets the Jacket PackIt Pets from other stuffed animals is that you can open a zipper on the back of the Jacket Pack It Pets and you should be able to pull out a hooded jacket that your child can wear. As seen on www.jacketpackitpets.com, the hooded jacket features the same theme as the stuffed animal design and is made from ultra-soft fabric that your child will surely love to wear. With the Jacket Pack It Pets, not only will your child have a stuffed animal that he or she can play with; it will also be very easy for you to have your child bring a jacket along when going to school or going outdoors on those cold days.

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