Jawhorse - Rockwell Power Tools Workbench is a Second Set of Hands for Every Work Project

Any avid Do-It-Yourselfer has encountered times when a project requires more hands than what they've got. Having to stop a home improvement project until more help can be found is frustrating and takes up time that is valuable and irreplaceable. Now any project can become a little bit easier with the help of the Rockwell® Jawhorse™. Over the years, tools have been created to enable craftsmen to be more productive and efficient no matter what type of job they are tackling; but until now, there hasn't been anything quite like this. The Jawhorse by Rockwell really does give you a second set of hands. No more hassling to hold wood in place while using power tools to drill or cut. No more enlisting the help of friends and family when hanging a chair rail or crown molding. The Jawhorse is so easy to use and effectively holds items in place for you so you can do more jobs without help. You now have the freedom to work alone and on your own time schedule. The three-legged design of the Rockwell Jawhorse is superior to the average portable workbench because is can sit securely in more places. Although this amazing tool is made with an all steel frame with wide stance, it is portable and easy to store in any closet or garage cabinet. It is engineered for strength and stability, and features a metal ratcheting system with over one ton of clamping force. No set of hands could give you that much power and stability.

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