Jelly Strips - Reviews Say This Product is the Most Convenient Yet Effective Protection against Foot Problems and Discomfort

A majority of the footwear that women love really look great, but can also cause a lot of pain and discomfort to their feet and it is not surprising that these footwear will actually cause callouses, bunions, corns and many more foot issues. If you want to enjoy your footwear without the hassles that these feet problems may bring then Jelly Strips™ is the kit that you will want to get. These are easy to apply, protective strips that will prevent unnecessary friction and damage to your feet while you use your favourite footwear. To use, simply peel off the adhesive backing of the Jelly Strips and apply it to the area where you experience a lot of food issues. The SoftStep Gel that is used in these strips provides cushioning to your feet as well as acts as a protective barrier that prevents the friction of your skin against footwear to damage the surface. Not only are these JellyStrips very effective at preventing callouses, bunions and other skin issues; a lot of reviews also love the fact that these strips can be easily rinsed with water and reuse, allowing you to get a lot of usage and protection for your feet from the Jelly Strips that you currently own. Also, you can actually cut the strips to shape in order to allow the product to best provide comfort and support to the skin in your feet.

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