Jewel Views - Reading Glasses that Can be Converted into Stylish Accessories

If you need reading glasses in order to better read through text then you are definitely familiar with how inconvenient it can be to bring reading glasses around all the time. With the Jewel Views™ however, not only is bringing along reading glasses very convenient; it can also be very stylish as well. What sets Jewel Views apart from other reading glasses is the design. You can actually fold up Jewel Views into a shape that makes it looks like a stylistically designed pendant necklace. JewelViews is accented with sparkling, faceted jewels on a luxurious 34 inch chain that people who get to see it in its pendant form will surely give compliments as to how great the product looks. To use, simply fold the Jewel Views open and you should now be able to read through text faster and much easier without having to strain your eyes. With the Jewel Views, you will be able to easily read through even fin text without having to compromise on convenience or style. The Jewel Views also gives the benefit of making your reading glasses easier to bring around, meaning the chances of you losing your reading glasses is very minimal.

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