JFK 100th Anniversary Coins - Honor the Birth of John F. Kennedy, One of America's Best Loved Presidents

John F Kennedy was one of the most famous and well-loved presidents of the United States of America. The 100th anniversary of his birth is fast approaching so if you want to honor this great president then the JFK 100th Anniversary Coins™ are what you will want to get. This coin is specially minted for the occasion by The New England Mint. As seen on www.jfk100coin.com, on one side of the coin is the classic portrait of JFK and is in full color, revealing the great detail and craftsmanship that went into the creation of this coin. On the other side is the presidential seal of the United States. Every purchase of the JFK 100th Anniversary Coins also gives you a specially designed acrylic case for the coin. Not only does this case protect the coin from physical damage, but this case is also airtight. This will help to preserve the heirloom quality of the coin for the years to come. You also get a certificate of authenticity for the coin, along with a booklet that details 5 theories of who may have been behind the famous assassination of JFK. With everything that you get, this is definitely one great way to commemorate JFK's 100th year birth anniversary and will also make for a great addition to your coin collection.

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