Jiffy Scoops - Reviews Call it the Best Heated Ice Cream Scooper!

Ice cream is one of the best snacks or deserts that you can give to anyone and with Jiffy Scoops™, you can serve these treats with a lot of ease! Serving ice cream frozen is definitely the way to go. However, scooping the ice cream is another story. For starters, it can be very hard to get the scooper into the ice cream. In some cases, you just might need an ice pick to go through the hard ice cream. If your scooper does get through, the ice cream might stick too much, making it hard for you to put the ice cream into the bowl or cup. It can probably get messy too! With Jiffy Scoops, this is not a problem anymore. It's a heated ice cream scooper that makes it easy to take the ice cream from its container to the bowl, cup, or cone! Activating the heating action of Jiffy Scoops is really easy. All you need to do is to shake it! Shaking activates the heating crystals found inside the Jiffy Scoops' handle, and transfers it onto the scooper. This makes it very easy to scoop ice cream even if it's frozen solid. After the treats have been served, all you have to do is run warm water through the Jiffy Scoops or simply place it inside the dish washer. This will allow the scooper to take in heat, ready for your next use. Reviews call this scooper a revolution in serving ice cream. Thanks to Jiffy Scoops, you can easily serve delicious ice cream without all the mess!

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