Jitterbug - The Simple, Easy to Use Mobile Cell Phone for Seniors and the Technologically Challenged

Keep in touch with your loved ones who are technologically challenged with the Jitterbug®. With regular mobile phones, perhaps grandma thinks the buttons are too small, or maybe grandpa can't understand the display. What usually prevents people, young or old, from using mobile phones properly is that they seem complicated. Today's cellphone does so much more than just make calls. Unfortunately some people don't need all of those fancy-shmancy cellular phone features, wanting nothing more than a cordless phone with unlimited range. For those kinds of people, there is the Jitterbug - the world's simplest mobile phone. The Jitterbug has several key features that set it apart from most mobile phones. The Jitterbug's keypad and display each have large, easily readable numbers that are backlit, ensuring readability in all lighting conditions. Its speakers are loud and clear, allowing those with weak hearing to talk with ease. It features "Yes" and "No" buttons for ease of navigation. It even operates without no long distance or roaming charges. Reviews agree, the Jitterbug is the best mobile phone for seniors and the technologically challenged. Get them one today and see how they take to it with ease. It will also put you at ease, knowing you can get in touch with them without problems anytime, and that help is just a call away for them, even when you are not available with the 24/7 GreatCall Operator Service. Learn How Easy the Jitterbug® Phone is for Yourself with No Contract and Get a FREE Car Charger!

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