Juicebar - The Portable Solar Charger for All Your Mobile Devices That Fits Right in Your Pocket

Our lives today are powered by our mobile devices. Cellular and smart phones that help us keep in touch. Tablets keep us technologically capable while out of home and office. Portable gaming devices and music players entertain us on the go. These devices are part of our lives, parts of ourselves. And when they run out of power when we need them, we feel like we've lost a limb. The least of such problems could be the minutes of boredom spent waiting without entertainment. Worse is the worry of knowing you could be working on something with your tablet, but sadly cannot. Then there are the most pressing troubles brought about by losing battery, such as costly missed calls from clients and important contacts. Running out of juice is no joke, and unfortunately, the chargers for most portable devices are not so portable themselves. Thankfully, the Juicebar™ was invented, an amazing portable solar charger. Able to attach to virtually any mobile device, the Juicebar will power them up when you need it, where you need it. Small enough to fit inside your pocket, and simple to charge as putting it in the sunlight, no other device matches the simplicity of the Juicebar. Every review raves about how the Juicebar can spare you from the woes of a low battery, and fact is, no tech savvy person should be without one. So don't wait until you've lost precious time and money to low battery problems, get a Juicebar today.

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