Jumbo View - Reviews say this Product Will Reduce Glare when Driving Without Impeding Vision

When driving, it is essential that the driver has a clear view of the road but at times, the intense rays of the sun can cause a lot of glare, which can be blinding to the driver. If you frequently encounter this situation while driving and you are looking for a product that will allow you to enjoy optimal vision when driving, then Jumbo View™ is the product to get. Conventional car visors block glare by obscuring parts of your windscreen which can cut down on your view of the road. As seen on www.getjumboview.com, JumboView offers a glare-cutting effect without blocking your vision in any way. All you need to do is to clip-on Jumbo View onto your existing car visor. When it gets too bright, simply pull down the Jumbo View like you would a conventional car visor. Instead of blocking your view to reduce glare, Jumbo View features a transparent material that has a layers of anti-glare material applied on both sides. This allows the Jumbo View to cut down the glare that reaches your eye yet at the same time still allows you to have a clear view of the road ahead. Reviews also love that Jumbo View helps to enhance contrast when driving, ensuring that you get to see the road clearly even at dark.

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