Jupiter Jack - The Handy Adapters That Will Work to Let You Use Your Cell Phone, Hands Free, in Your Car

Do you use your phone while you are in the car? Have you ever had trouble cradling it on your shoulder while trying to drive? Maybe you use a wired headset that is a chore to untangle, or are thinking of getting an expensive Bluetooth headset that seems complicated on top of its exorbitant price? Well, look no further, because now you can talk on your phone, in the car, without any of those hassles. Do it with the Jupiter Jack™ How does the Jupiter Jack Work? You simply plug it in to your phone's headset slot, put your phone on the dash, and set your radio to 99.3 FM. Now when you get a call, all you have to do is press the talk button, and you will instantly start hearing the conversation through your cars speakers and be able to talk without holding the phone to your ear or putting on a complicated headset. Reviews agree that the Jupiter Jack is convenient, simple, and effective hands free device that will do as promised at a fraction of the cost of other competing options. Your driving safety should never be compromised by the fact that you have to take an important call. Get yourself a Jupiter Jack today, and get one for your family too, you deserve the convenience and safety it will bring to your life.

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