K-9 Dentist - The Teeth Cleaning Kit Specially Designed for Your Dogs

A lot of pet owners are extremely focused at making their dog look clean and beautiful at all times, but a lot of these owners take for granted the importance of the oral health of their dogs. If you want to be able to improve and maintain the cleanliness of your dog’s teeth in your home then the K-9 Dentist™ is the perfect kit for you. It has virtually everything that you need in order to effectively clean your dog’s teeth yourself. The kit includes Double Ended Toothbrushes that not only gives your dog’s teeth a thorough clean but also massages your dog’s gums. For teeth that are heavily stained and have a lot of plaque, the K-9 Dentist kit also includes plaque removers that are very effective at giving your dog’s teeth a thorough clean. For a hassle free cleaning experience of your dog’s teeth, the K-9 Dentist also includes comfort bite blocks which holds your dog’s jaws in place. This ensures that cleaning will not only be extremely convenient for you, but is also very safe. The K-9 Dentist kit is designed by a dentist, so you are guaranteed that the product is extremely effective at keeping your dog’s teeth thoroughly clean, which will do wonders to your dog’s overall health as well.

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