Kahuna Grip - According to User Reviews, This Product Makes Your Tub and Bathroom a much Safer Room to Use

Taking a bath and using the bathroom is something that people need to do as regularly as possible but a lot of times, a majority of people tend to slip and fall over inside the bathroom, which can lead to minor or even serious injuries. If you want to use your shower or tub without falling over then the Kahuna Grip™ is one product that you will want to add to your bathroom. It is a bath mat that will give you extra grip when you take a bath to ensure that you are safe and secure, even if the surface that you are stepping on can be quite wet. To use, all that you need to do is just set the KahunaGrip onto your bathtub and you are done. Kahuna Grip features the patent pending HydraHold Material, which has millions of microscopic fractures on its surface. When this surfaces becomes wet, the fractures act like suction cups which provide improved grip to your feet. Reviews love the fact that not only does Kahuna Grip provide them with more grip while taking a bath, minimizing accidents, but the adhesive employed in the Kahuna Grip is able to securely attach to the smooth surface of your tub yet is easy to peel off once you desire to remove it.

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