Kangaroo Keeper - The Purse and Bag Organizer for 70 Items Including Your Water Bottle

The Kangaroo Keeper® spares a woman from every woman's worst nightmare: Her phone rings and she struggles to find it, anticipating it is from her special someone, but in the mess of everything that lives inside her large and deep and filled bag, the phone stops ringing before she finds it. She tries changing bags, but it doesn't help-she still brings the same stuff with her-all of it--regardless of the bag. Her stuff is like her second skin already. What to do? Enter the Kangaroo Keeper, a reversible compartmentalized bag organizer that can fit up to 70 items, including your water bottle. Compare to purse brite and other handbag organizers. Even better, when you change bags, you can do it in a nanosecond. Just take the Kangaroo Keeper out of your old purse, and put it inside the new one. Everything is still in its place, and all is as it should be. You name it, there is a place for it. Makeup, sunglasses, coupons, receipts, calling cards, credit cards, membership cards, cell phone, ipod, notebooks, a bottle or water or-heck, take two, and don't forget your umbrella. And what are you spared of? Think of these keywords: Hassle, super clutter, losing time, digging, dumping. Need I say more? Kangaroo Keeper.

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