Keeper Sweeper - The Ultra Dynamic Mop Head Sweeper That Uses Microfiber Technology to Clean Every Surface in Your Home

You can spend hundreds of dollars on cleaning agents, varied mops, dusters and window cleaning rags to keep your home nice and shiny. You can have a tool for cleaning every surface, and a stack of used rags and cleaning cloths high as your ceiling. You can do all that or you can get the Keeper Sweeper™. Can the Keeper Sweeper clean your hardwood living room, bathroom tiles and linoleum flooring? Yes it can with the specially made Terry Floor Mop Pad. Can it clean your windows and shower glass? Yes it can with the special Glass Pad. Can the Keeper Sweeper clear up dust in your living room, ceiling fans and on sensitive electronics? Yes it can with its Chenille Duster Pad. Can it take out gunk and other caked material on your floor and other surfaces? Yes it can with the Scrubber Mop Pad. The four specially made mop heads of the Keeper Sweeper are the key to its cleaning power. Made with microfiber technology, these pads can pick up practically any dirt in your home. What's best is that they are completely reusable and machine washable, saving you money on replacements and time and effort with washing.

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