Key Readers - This Product Makes for Great Backup for Your Reading Glasses

If you use reading glasses in order to read small or fine print properly then you will most definitely agree that it can be very tough for you when you have forgotten to bring your reading glasses. If you want to be free from this annoying and distracting situation then you will want to get Key Readers™ as a spare or backup for your reading glasses. Key Readers just might look like your regular reading glasses, but the Key Readers can actually be folded up into a compact size; in fact, the key Readers are smaller than a credit card when folded up. This allows you to easily clip the KeyReaders onto a keychain, on the strap of your bag or purse or just leave one inside your bag wherever you go. When you need to use reading glasses and you have forgotten your main pair somewhere, you can just simply unfold the Key Reader and you should be able to see more clearly. Despite the compact size, Key Readers feature high quality Optic Lenses that provide the clarity and magnification that you need from your main pair of reading glasses. With Key Readers, you will never have to experience the difficulty of trying to read without your reading glasses, as you most likely have a spare pair within easy reach.

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