Killer Calves - Build Large and Powerful Calves and Leg Muscles at Home

So you work out a lot but somehow neglected to give sufficient exercise to your leg muscles? Does your upper body look tone or buff yet your calves are thin and feeble? Are you looking for an effective workout to strengthen and build big calves while at the same time give you the comfort and convenience of doing it at home? Killer Calves™ is the product for you! This exercise equipment focuses on your calves to help transform them from small and weak muscles into large, powerful, chiseled and cut calves. Killer Calves is the tool you need to help improve your speed, leg power, or endurance; aspects that are important in sports, work or in everyday life. You do not need to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars and countless hours on the gym to do the perfect calf exercises; with Killer Calves, you get an intense workout tailored for your calf muscles in just minutes a day, and with a lot less costs. A key feature of this machine is the adjustable knee support, which allows you to tweak the machine to give you an unrestricted range of motion to perform the exercise. Couple that with Killer Calves' steel spring resistance which you can intensify or soften to your liking, and you have the perfect workout tool to get your calves in shape!

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