Kinetic Rock - Have Fun with this Real Rock That Sticks Together and Comes Apart. Fascinating!

Are you looking for a play set that will not only allow your child to have a lot of fun playing, but will also help enhance your child's creativity? Kinetic Rock™ is the set that you will definitely want to consider for your child then. The kit gets its name from the special, real rock that is included in the kit. As seen on, what's great about this material is that it sticks together. This allows your child to create a wide variety of designs and simple constructions with the KineticRock kit, which will not only be very interesting for your child but will also help to widen your child's imagination and creativity. Also, the Kinetic Rock comes with a number of accessories including the rock crusher tool that will breakdown the Kinetic Rock material from your child's created designs, allowing your child to build new strictures or designs again with the kit. Also, there is the dump truck toy and construction figure which will help to enhance your child's playing experience. Even the Kinetic Rock's packaging can be use as your child's play space. With this kit, your child is guaranteed to have many hours of fun, which also doubles as a creativity exercise for your child.

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