King Tut 3D Puzzle - This Product Will Make for a Nice, Ancient Looking Decoration for Your Home

Are you fascinated by ancient civilizations and the like and you are looking for a product that will add this feel or theme to your home? The King Tut 3D Puzzle™ is a product that you will definitely want to consider getting then. As the name of the product goes, this product is a sculpture of one of Egypt's most popular and enigmatic kings, King Tutankhamun. As seen on, this puzzle is really easy to use. All you need to do is to stack on the numbered plates on top of each other and you should have a truly eye-catching, Egyptian themed decoration. This product is really fun to build and that both children and adults can enjoy the experience. You can even choose to paint this product to give it a livelier look or a custom feel if you want to. The product stands 8 inches tall when it is completed so it will definitely enhance the look of the area that you will be decorating using the product. Also, what's great about the King Tut 3D Puzzle is that it comes with a booklet that presents the different theories and facts regarding King Tut's rule as well as the said Pharaoh's curse that made the Egyptian king so fascinating in today's world.

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