Kitty Chase - Allow Your Cat to Play and Have Fun For Hours With This Product

Do you hate it when your cat gets bored as either your pet does nothing at all or starts to get unruly and destructive in your home? Kitty Chase™ is a product that you will surely want to get for your pet then. This product is a toy that is specially designed to keep your cat entertained and having a lot of fun for hours. As seen on, simply stick the KittyChase onto a flat and smooth surface, turn the product on then simply have your cat play with the product. Kitty Chase features an internal motor which moves the attached butterfly toys. These look just like real butterflies and also mimics their sound. Combined with their random movement, these will surely catch your catch your cat's attention, causing your pet to jump and play with these butterflies when the product is turned on. Also, the Kitty Chase features a weighted base complete with powerful suction cups so whether you place the product on a horizontal position or want to mount it vertically to a wall for example, you are guaranteed that Kitty Chase will stay in place. The product is made out of high quality materials so no matter how hard your cat plays with the Kitty Chase, you are guaranteed that the product will last.

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