Kitty Clean Mat - Prevent Debris and Litter from your Cat from Spreading into Your Home

Do you really love your cats but you just hate it when all the litter from your cat's letterbox gets on the floor, causing a lot of mess? With the Kitty Clean Mat™, this will not be a problem anymore. You can think of it as a welcome mat that you have for your home, but is specifically designed for the use of cats. The secret to the Kitty Clean Mat is the dual layer honey comb design. As soon as your cat's paws come into contact with the mat, the honey comb design spreads the paws of your cat, causing litter to drop off of your cat's paws and into the KittyClean Mat. The bottom layer of the Mat has some space from the top, allowing it to hold the litter in place. When the Kitty Clean Mat is already filled with litter, you can simply just open the sides and add the litter back into your cat's litter box, allowing you to easily recycle the litter and save you quite a bit of money in the long run. Not only is the Kitty Clean Mat made of durable and damage resistant materials, it is also very easy to clean and rinse even with just water. So not only will the Kitty Clean Mat effectively prevent cat litter from causing mess on your floors; it will also last you a long time, making it a good investment for you as a cat owner or enthusiast.

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