Kitty Hi-Rise - This Easy-to-Fold Cat Tower Does Its Job Very Well Without Taking Up Too Much Space

Giving your cat a cat tower is definitely one very beneficial tool that you can give to your pet but most cat towers available today are large and bulky and will surely take up a lot of space inside your home. If you are looking for a cat tower that will provide an elevated platform for your cat but without taking up too much space then the Kitty Hi-Rise™ is the product for you. Reviews love the Kitty HiRise because of its space saving design. To use, all that you need to do is hang the Kitty High Rise on a door and your cat now instantly has a cat tower to use. When you need to clean up the house or do some arrangements and you want to get the cat tower out of the way, simply fold up the Kitty Hi-Rise and it should be ready for storage. Due to the product being primarily made of cloth, you might think that it is not durable. This is not the case however as the Kitty Hi-Rise is made out of claw and odor resistant PetTECH fiber. This special fiber will allow the Kitty Hi-Rise many years of use by your cat without you having to worry of replacing the product every now and then.

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