Kitty Shack - The Bed Specially Designed for Your Cat

If you have a cat in the house, then you most probably notice that your pet loves to spend time on the sofa or on your bed as it feels quite cozy, but the problem is that it can leave dirt and fur on these areas, requiring you to exert extra effort in order to clean. If you do not want to deal with your cat messing up your furniture or your bed then the Kitty Shack™ is one product that you will want to get for your pet. The Kitty Shack is a cat mat that is lined with faux fleece but inside is ultra plush foam as well as a thermo-reflective core that makes the mat quite warm, making it a great place for your cat to spend time in. For even added cosiness, all you need to do is zip together both ends of the KittyShack to transform it into a tube bed, which should make it and even more comfortable place for your cat to stay in. As seen on, aside from the comfort hat it provides, the Kitty Shack's fleece layer also acts as a magnet which traps your cat's excess fur, preventing the fur from messing up your furniture or your bed. With the Kitty Shack, your cat will stay in utmost comfort and at the same time, you get to reduce fur related mess around your home.

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