Kleva Chef - This Food Preparation Kit Will Peel or Julienne Fruits and Vegetables with Ease

Aside from the distinct flavor that they give to the food, fruits and vegetables also add color and life to them. If you however, find that cutting, peeling or doing julienne cuts with your fruits and vegetables with a knife is extremely difficult then the Kleva Chef™ kit is definitely perfect for you. With the tools included in the kit, preparing fruits and vegetables for salads or to add to your main dishes is definitely a lot easier than ever before. The Kleve Chef kit features a Pro-Julienne tool which has 13 micro-sized knives embedded onto its tip. These stainless steel knives are ultra-sharp, and allow you to julienne even the toughest of vegetables in just a single pass. Also included in the kit is the Power Peeler which makes it very easy and very fast for you to peel the skin off of the vegetables that you are cooking with. Both KleveChef Tools feature garnish hooks which makes it very easy for you to produce long and thin cuts of vegetables and fruits which are perfect for garnishing and decoration your meals. With the Kleva Chef tools, you can do perfect peeling and julienne of your fruits and vegetables without having to use a conventional knife which can be quite unwieldy and dangerous.

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