Knits Cool - Reviews Say This Kit makes it Extremely Easy to Make Customized Knitted Accessories

Personalized and handmade accessories are all the rage nowadays, with loom bunds currently being the fad. If you want a customized accessory of your own but one that is made of a different material then Knits Cool™ is definitely the kit for you. This knitting kit allows you to easily make yarn based, knitted accessories with utmost ease. The kit contains Knit's Cool posts, 50 yards of fashion yarn, tools and accessories and a style guide; virtually everything that you need to start creating your own yarn accessories. To use, simply tie a knot onto a Knit's cool post and then twist and loop to make your own knitted accessory. A lot of reviews state that the product is not only very easy to use, but at the same time allows users of this kit to make different fashion accessories like bracelets, scarfs, purses, smart phone cases and more, making this a truly versatile and surprisingly useful accessory making tool. The kit also comes with different colored yarn as well as charms and other attachments and accessories that you can add onto the creations that you can come up with. With this sheer amount of add-ons, you can make a truly unique looking yarn accessory with Knit's Cool that is as flashy or as subtle as you want it to be.

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